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4B3D: 3D Printed Gaming terrain 

*** Please note that 3D prints are printed on a thin basing sheet which will need to be removed upon receipt.  May require minor use of exacto knife to clean up outer edges similar to resin flashing. ***

4B3D-0001: Sci-Fi Large Single Disc Shield Generator

4B3D-0002: Sci-Fi Small Single Disc Shield Generator

4B3D-0003: Sci-Fi Full  Shield Generator

4B3D-0004: Sci-Fi Barricades x 2

4B3D-0005: Sci-Fi Generator / Moisture Evaporator

4B3D-0006: Sci-Fi Compressor Tank x 3

4B3D-0007-R: Sci-Fi 5 Terminal Station (Rounded Base)

4B3D-0007-S: Sci-Fi 5 Terminal Station (Squared Base)

4B3D-0008: Sci-Fi Large Vertical Storage Barrel

4B3D-0008-B: Sci-Fi Large Vertical Storage Barrel with Cross Bracing

4B3D-0009: Sci-Fi Power Generator - Standalone with LED

4B3D-0009-B: Sci-Fi Power Generator on 2x2 Base with LED

4B3D-0010: Large Container Crates x 2

4B3D-0011: Small Security Crates x 5

4B3D-0012-1: Transport Containers v1 x 4

4B3D-0013-Command Center Terminal-Round

Command Control Center - CircularV2.png

4B3D-0012-2: Transport Containers v2 x 4

4B3D-0014-Command Center Terminal

Command Center Control Table.png

4B3D-0015 Power Generator x 4

Power Generator.png
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