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Silicone mold used to cast tiles to construct a stone or varied cobblestone like ground surface for gaming terrain.  These also work well with the catacomb ground and wall designs. Pieces are approximately 1/4" thick designed on a 1"x1" grid.  These pieces are also designed to be used separately or together for added details with other  4Bot-Industries designs great for use the Tudor Town Builder mold collection, molds: G027-G30 and W22-W30 in addition to the Catacomb walls W31-W33.  These will also work well to create custom designs to go with Dwarven Forge and are also compatible with Hirst Arts.   Please note that the pictures of the tiles are to show what the mold will produce and possible applications.  Picture of the mold is coming soon.  Actual mold material may come in a different color other than beige.

G28 - Stonework Ground - Silicone Mold

SKU: G28
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